Jim Potts, J.D.
Director of Operations


Jim founded Potts & Associates, a broad-based employment consulting firm practiced in unemployment cost control, human resources management, manager & supervisor training, and other critical labor relations areas, over 30 years ago. Jim is a native New Yorker who earned a BA degree in history from California State University at Los Angeles and a Juris Doctorate from the University of West Los Angeles Law School.

Throughout his professional years, Potts has also attained his Real Estate Brokers License, has facilitated lectures as a Master Teacher for the University of Phoenix for 13 years, is a former Reserve Captain working with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, and is currently a certified mediator through the Los Angeles County Bar Association, and a published author (Right to Counsel, July 2008) and (Walking on Eggshells, August 2013). He also serves as an expert witness in both defense and plaintiff employment law cases. 

Jim Potts had approximately 20 years in law enforcement including working as a terrorist investigator. Since 2010, he has created violence in the workplace programs that have included conducting site assessments, writing workplace security plans, procedures and protocols for workplace events, and active shooter training. His team members include prior law enforcement and military backgrounds.

Jim's weekly radio show, Listen Up with Jim Potts http://bit.ly/ListenUpJP, consists of everything from a historical perspective on domestic terrorism up to and including current events. Call-ins or email senders can get questions answered to the best of Jim's ability, which also may include many different types of safety tips for going to the mall, restaurants, movie theatres, office buildings or simply walking down the street. Jim also discusses everyday workplace-related issues that are creating nightmares for the work environment by managers & employees. This could include handling conflict, hostile work environment, and hiring & firing practices.

He's lending his 40 years of experience in the administrative employment law arena to Zaylore Stout & Associates as they fight on behalf of employers.  

Administrative Employment Law:

Unemployment Hearings & Cost Control

Employment Discrimination

Wrongful Termination


Whistle Blower

Wage & Hour

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