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  1. You receive notification of an upcoming unemployment hearing in the mail. How do you prepare?
  2. What does FMLA mean and does it apply to you? 
  3. An employee tells you that she is pregnant. What do you do? 
  4. You just received an email from an employee informing you that an important client called her a racial slur. What do you do? 
  5. An employee failed to clock in and out for a lunch a five times over the past four years. Is this a problem?
  6. Your worker’s compensation carrier denied a claim filed by your employee. Can you fire the employee now?
  7. A male employee is hitting on a female coworker after hours on the weekend. Is this a problem for you?
  8. A thirty year employee has started slowing down in his production. Can you cut his hours?
  9. Are you covered under the ADA?
  10. What is the definition of a hostile work environment?

If you don’t know the answer to these questions you need someone on your team who does. We have advised over 770 clients from 3 employees to over 10,000 employees across 25 states regarding HR issues. 

With us on your team, you will have our knowledge, education, and experience at your fingertips to guide you to solutions that will save you time and money. As your partner, our goal will be to resolve employment conflicts before they become lawsuits.

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