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In investigations, time is always of the essence for obtaining accurate statements. Whether representing plaintiff or defendant, the most thorough information comes from using an experienced investigator. HR staff may not always be qualified in investigative techniques and are frequently too close to issues and witnesses for objective reporting. An attorney should never have to worry about being a witness in his or her own case after having acted as the investigator.


*Assistance with investigating sexual harassment/discrimination/violence in the workplace/hostile work environment allegations
*Confidentiality ensured on all information obtained
*Written reports of findings and recommendations as applicable

​Why use our services for your investigation:

*with over 12 years of HR experience
*licensed Attorney
*investigation reports have stood up to scrutiny during litigation

All workplace issues are addressed:

*security breaches

Within 48 hours after the conclusion of the investigation you will be provided with a memo summarizing the investigation and providing you with recommendations regarding how to address the issues discovered during the investigation process. Within two weeks of the investigation you will be provided with a detailed and thorough investigation report which will include an executive summary, timeline of events, timeline of activities taken in the investigation, interviews of witnesses, conclusion, and exhibits. This type of documentation could be vital in defending the company against potential subsequent employment litigation.

​There are circumstances where employers are extremely capable of performing an in-house investigation to address an employee’s concerns. However, there are other circumstances where having an experienced outside third party conduct in investigation is not only advised but necessary. Contact our office for our expert opinion to determine if a third party investigator is necessary.  

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